Adapting Sales Calls to the Customer’s Personality

课程长度: Two hours (This course must be scheduled with another 2-hour or longer course for a minimum training time of at least one half-day.​)
Available as a condensed course: No
Maximum number of students: 没有最大
教练: 杰瑞Peerbolte J. Peerbolte & 的同事


Salespeople will tell you they encounter all sorts of individuals and personalities from one customer to the next.  In fact, it’s not unusual to deal with different personality types at one customer!  So, what is a salesperson to do?

Understanding different personality types is critical to being a successful salesperson.  A customer’s personality influences how they evaluate alternatives and ultimately make their decision. This session will teach participants how to recognize differences in personalities.  然后, how to adapt a conversation and sales presentation to best appeal to that person’s personality.  Participants will also be able to determine their own personality style and its strengths and weaknesses.


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